An emerging contemporary sculptor Oh Donghoon’s works articulate the dynamics and vitality of life via original visual language. He has been focusing on large-scale outdoor installation works. The artist was inspired by a coincidental encounter with children blowing bubbles. The bubbles accumulate, generating a fortuitous form, yet they disperse, producing a cluster of complete spheres. The artist incorporates the floating transparent sphere’s nature of unlimited scalability into his work.

 Reinterpretation of the material, stainless steel is a notable aspect that differentiates Oh Donghoon’s work from the others. He arranges and connects multiple opaque stainless steel balls to render an infinitely expanding figure. The artworks explore unique attribute of the material. The artist’s steel has flexibility but maintains the solid tactility. The opaque surface that reflects light resembles transparency of bubbles.


 The accumulated steel balls fashion a figuration of human, in a broader sense, life. The indefinite form leaves the viewers to engage and imagine. While the composition of works seems rather impromptu and spontaneous, the process of building the work involves accurate calculation and 3D modeling technology.The artist meticulously plans every cut, linkage, and welding.

 As a rising artist, Oh Donghoon’s work has been getting the attention of the international audience. Furthermore, his works have been added to multiple public and private collections including the collection of National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea. Regarding his thorough research on the material and understanding of production, he is now considered one of the promising contemporary sculptors.