B.F.A. in Painting, Kyemyung University


Solo Exhibitions

2019 -  Taste for the arts, Blossom into life, space1326, Korea

2015  - Taste for the Arts (Lotte Gallery, Daejeon)

2014  - Taste for the Arts (Gallery Forest, Changwon)

2012  - Real Landscape painting-Painting Exhibition, the Southern Island (Gallery A, Seongnam)

2011  - Real Landscape painting -Tongyeong Landscape (Gallery Tongyeong, Tongyeong)

2011  - Real Landscape painting -Geoje Landscape Exhibition (Seom-dal gallery, Geoje)

2010  - Celebration of Dongseo (Dongseo Gallery, Daegu)

2009  - Wind : As Flowing (Tongyeong Culture Center, Tongyeong)

2008  - Under the Sky (Shinsegae Department Store, Incheon)

2007  - Over the Border-the Transmigration of Souls, (Tongyeong Culture Center, Tongyeong)

2006  - Over the Border-Popular Use (Montmartre Gallery, Busan)

2006  - Over the Border-Communion (Gallery Korea, Berlin)

2005  - Korean Mythology-People Who Stand (Gongpyeong Art Center, Seoul)

2004  - Parting-Meeting (Dusan Gallery, Daegu)

2003  - Auspicious-Dreams (Hyundai Art Gallery, Busan)

2002  - Spirit & Symbol (Kyung-in Museum, Seoul)

2001  - Korean Mythology-Dream of a Butterfly (Yerim gallery, Jinju)

1998  - Korean Story (Kyung-in Museum, Seoul)

1997  - Tongyeong Story (Koryo Gallery, Tongyeong)

1992  - Solo Exhibition of Jang Chi Gil (Koryo Gallery, Tongyeong)



Group Exhibitions

2018  - Asia Contemporary Art Show (Conrad, Hong Kong)

2018  - Art Busan (BEXCO, Busan)

2017  - Asia Contemporary Art Show (Conrad, Hong Kong)

2015  - Tongyeong Artist Cello exhibition-Twinkling Sound of Tongyeong, (Tongyeong International Concert Hall, Tongyeong)

2014  - Special exhibition “Celebration of Gwangju Biennale (Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju)

2013  - Korea International Art Fair (COEX, Seoul)

2012  - Residence 2012 Scent of Nature (Masan Art Center, Changwon)

2011  - Korea International Art Fair (COEX, Seoul)

2010  - Korea International Art Fair (COEX, Seoul)

2009  - Korea International Art Fair (COEX, Seoul)

2008  - Art to See (Geoje Culture and Art Center, Geoje)

2008  - Cannot Forget a Dream (National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul)

2007  - The Aspects and Prospects of Korea⁃Turkey Contemporary Arts, 50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations, Istanbul, Turkey and Bucheon  (History Museum, Seoul)

2006  - Natural Landscape of the Country (Gyeonggi Arts Center, Suwon)

2005  - Landscape Exhibition (Gyeongsangnam-do Museum of Art, Changwon)

2004~2005  - Art to See, (National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul)

2000~2003  - Korean Environmental Art Festival (Culture and Art Center, Ulsan)

2000  - JAAL exhibition (Museum of Art, Tokyo)

1999~2004  - Art Exchange Exhibition (Gwangju, Mokpo, Ulsan, Yeosu)

1998  - In the Dangun Era 4331 : Tiger Special Exhibition (Posco Art Gallery, Pohang)

1990~1991  - Print Exhibition Message (Imok gallery, Daegu)



COLOR DNA: Hyeong-Jun Jang /morning fill inc. design-2008

Shamanistic Characteristic in Contemporary Art Korea, Myeong-Suk Lee

(master's thesis, 2003)

Saekdong Modern Korea Research study on the center, Im-Seok Oh

(master's thesis, 2008)

Art textbooks for middle school, (Jihak Publishing Co., Ltd - 2010~)



2015  - The 3rd, The Medici Prize awards, Association de ' Medici, Changwon

2010  - The 20th, The Dongseo Prize awards, Art Promotion Committee, Masan



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