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 Gam Seong Bin, born in 1983 is a sculptor and painter. The artist holds BFA in sculpture from China Central Academy of Fine Arts and is currently continuing his masters in Sculpture. His works are associated with the artist’s personal experience of sorrow and grief. The artist records the despair and pain that he suffered from after two tragic deaths of the loved ones. The narrative of sorrow from traumatic event encompasses not only personal experiences but also social circumstances as well. Witnessing others’ distress―death, war, etc.― triggers the artist’s memory and development of visual language.  


 Across his oeuvre, the artist emphasises the interaction between the viewers and the artist through the work. “Everybody undergoes hardship and encounters sadness at some point in their life. We are able to empathise with others based on the commonality.”, said the artist. The viewers are immersed in the condensation of emotions, empathising with the people in sorrow.


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