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1989-96 B.F.A. Dongguk University 

1997-05 M.F.A. Academy of Arts, Muenster, Germany 

2005-06 Master student by Prof. Guillaume Bijl, Muenster, Germany 

2007-09 Adjunct Professor Fine Art Department at Dongguk University 

Award/ Fellowship/ Residency 

2008/09 - Nanji Art Studio(Seoul museum of art), Seoul, Korea 

2006      - Emerging Artist Fellowship, Arts Council korea 

2005      - ADO Art Award 2005, Germany 

2004      - Kunstaspekte-Art Award, Germany 

2003      - Second Award, Kunstbombe 2003, Germay 

              - Emerging Artist Fellowship for foreign student, DAAD, Germany 

2002      - Support Award of the Academy of Arts Muenster, Germany 

Public Collections 

National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea 

Seoul Museum of Art 

Seoul MuseumOCI Museum of Art 

Incheon Foundation for Arts and CultureMuseum MARTA Herfod, Germany 

Supreme court of NRW, Germany 


Solo Exhibitions 


2018 - ’SOMEONE’ ARIRANG Gallery, Busan 

2017 - ‘Fiction- Byen Ung-Pil’ Gallery Joeun. Seoul 

2014 - ‘Ongnim-ri 23-1’ UNC Gallery, Seoul 2013-’Someone’ Gallery HYUNDAI 

         - window, Seoul2012-’SOMEONE’ ARIRANG Gallery, Busan 

         - ‘Byen, Ung-Pil’ Project Cafe Wumin. Cheongju 

2009 - ’Selfportrait as a man 1 & 1/4’ Gallery HYUNDAI, Seoul 

2007 - ’Byen Ung-pil: Seolleim’ doART Gallery, Seoul, Korea 

2006 - ’Face-Landscape’ Gallery Zandari, Seoul, Korea 

2005 -’ Face to face’ Galerie ART-isotope, Dortmund, Germany 

         - ’Self portrait as a men’, Galerie Plas-ma, Muehlheim a.d. Ruhr, Germany 

2004 - ’Solo Exhibition’ Galerie Zap-art, Warendorf, Germany 

         - ’Two Persons’ OVG NRW, Muenster, Germany 

         - ’Painting of BYEN, UNG-PIL’ Kunsthalle Hangelar Sankt  Augustin Hangelar, Germany 

2003 - ’I, you and we’ Practice of Dr.Edith, Dr.Wolfgang Mikansky, Dr.Werne Korte. Reken, Germany 

         - ’Two Persons-the shop window’ Wewerka-Pavillon Muenster, Germany 


Selected Group Exhibitions 


2020 - ’Ensemble at Hannam 2nd‘ Gallery SOEUN, Seoul 

2019 - ’The Forest’ Gallery SOEUN, Seoul 

         - ‘Who am I? - ‘good’’ Indipress Gallery. Seoul 

         - ‘15C CHULWHA NOW’ Arts Center KUH. Daejeon 

         - ’11pleasures‘ Chung Art Gallery. Soeul 

         - ‘Thank you 2019’ Gallery SOEUN, Seoul 

2018 - ’11pleasures‘ Chung Art Gallery. Soeul 

         - ’ART Élysées’ Gallery JOEUN. Paris. France 

         - ’START art fair’ Saatchi Gallery. London. UK 

         - ’The Wind Blows-The 5th ART Vornado‘ Insa art senter. Seoul 

         - ’National Museum of Contemporary Art- Art Bank Collection Exhibition’ Gangneung Art Center, Gangneung 

         - ’100 ALBUMS 100 ARTISTS 2’ Avenuel Arthall, Seoul 

         - ’Anseong Arthall Grand Open Show with 17Artists’ Anseong Arthall. Anseong 

2017 - ’This is Diptych’ Small-museum. Jeongseon ’R evisiting painting arts: Modern Figurative paintings 

            b y Korean artists’ Cian art museum, Yeong Cheon 

            ’I DREAM’ delight square Gallery, Seoul 

            ‘Cafe Society’ Seoul Museum, Seoul 

            ‘100 Albums 100 Artis ts’ AVENUEL ARTHALL, Seoul 

            2016- ‘Thank you 2016’ Gallery SOEUN, Seoul 

            ‘Two Man’s Story’ ART CENTER KUH, Daejeon 

            ‘Korean Contemporary Art: Predict, Propose,Prosess’ 

             DDP, Seoul ‘selfportrait’ Gallery Toast, Seoul 

2015- ‘2015 <SeMA Artist Guild Art Fair> Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul 


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