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Shin Shin-yoon was born in Seoul in 1975. After graduating from Chosun University's College of Fine Arts Major in Sculpture, he was working in various fields. After he encountered the medium of paper as a work of mourning for the death of an acquaintance, Three-dimensional, installation work is being done. The work of various artists, which is completed through the process of reassembling and dismantling the image by borrowing the image that is already intrinsic to the audience as a universal image, shows a three-dimensional or installation work that can be recognized only in a certain direction. It was introduced as a'disappearing sculpture' by various foreign media such as Channel 3. Participated in Gwangju Biennale, Cheongju Craft Biennale, Sofia Paper Biennial, Kobe Biennale, Lucca Paper Biennale, and Grand Prize in Korea Paper Art Contest (2012). Gwangju New World Art Festival Grand Prize (2015), Shanghai International Printing Week Special Exhibition Gold Prize (2016), Salon des Beaux Arts Silver Medal (2017), Lucca Paper Biennale Lifetime Achievement Award (2018). Major collections of works include Swatch Group, Lester Marks Collection, Crown Haitai, Jianye Housing Group, Gwangju Museum of Art, Parliament Building, and Doseonsa Temple.



신호윤은 1975년 서울에서 태어났다. 조선대학교 미술대학 조소전공을 졸업한 후 다양한 영역의 작업을 진행하다 지인의 죽음에 대한 애도의 작업으로 종이라는 매체를 접한 후, 종이나 얇은 철판과 같은 양면성, 이분법적인 구조를 가진 재료를 이용해 다양한 입체, 설치작업을 하고 있다. 보편적 이미지로 관객에게 이미 내재되어 있는 형상을 차용해 그 이미지를 해체한 후 재조립하는 과정으로 거쳐 완성되는 다양한 작가의 작업은 어느 일정한 방향에서만 인식이 가능한 입체나 설치작업을 보여주며 CCTV, Fuji TV, Channel 3 등 외국의 다양한 매체로부터 ‘disappearing sculpture’로 소개되었다. 광주비엔날레, 청주공예비엔날레, Sofia Paper Biennial, Kobe Biennale, Lucca paper Biennale에 참여하였고, 대한민국 종이예술작품 공모대전 대상(2012). 광주신세계미술제 대상(2015), 상해국제인쇄주간 특별전 금상(2016), salon des Beaux Arts 은메달(2017), Lucca paper biennale 평생공로상(2018) 등을 수상하였다. 주요작품 소장처로 Swatch group, Lester Marks 컬렉션, Crown Haitai, Jianye Housing Group, 광주시립미술관, 국회의사당, 도선사 등이 있다.

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