Born in Seoul on January 31, 1975.


□ Exhibition.

1st . solo exhibition. ‘secret factory’ vol.01 (Nov. 2005.). Gwangju, South Korea)

2nd . solo exhibition. strange flowers: secret factory vol.02. (Nov. 2007. Gwangju, South Korea)

3rd. solo exhibition ‘There is no essence. (Nov. 2011. Gwangju, South Korea)

4th. Solo exhibition ‘Island’ (June. 2012. Unit one, 798, Beijing, China)

5 th. solo exhibition ‘There is no essence (Feb. 2013. Artery, Bangkok, Thailand).

6 th. solo exhibition 'HEart for the king' (Dec. 2014. Siam Paragon, Bangkok, Thailand)

7th  Shin Hoyoon- Island of Paramita(Dec. 2017. Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju, South Korea)

8th 間隙(GAP) (2018.09. AAW, Beijing, China)

9th LAYER (2018.10, Wonju Hanji Theme Park, Wonju, Korea)

10th  Visualized Sound (2019.11. Gwnagju Shinsegye Gallery, Gwnagju, South Korea)



2020.09. UP: 2020 contemporary Sculpture Exhibition (Shangfang art Museum, Beijing, China)

2019.12. L'archeologia D'arte (National Archaeological Museum of Naples, Naples, Italy)

2019.08. The Splendid Languages of Paper (Zhejiang Museum, Hangzhou, China)

2019.07. Paper Shock (Y Museum, Yangpyeong, Korea)

2018.08. 9th Lucca Paper Biennale (Lucca, Italy)

2018.06. Paper Moon (Contemporary art museum of crete, Greece)

2017.12. Salon Des Beaux Arts 2017 (Carrousel du Louvre, France)

2017.10. Shanghai International Paper art Festival (Shanghai, China)

2017.09. CheongJu International Craft Biennale (Chengju, South Korea)

2017.04. Revelations- International Fine Craft & Creation Biennial (Grand Palais, Paris, France)

2017.03. NEW AXIS- Wuhan CBD Oceanwide International Sculpture Art Festival (Wuhan, China)

2016.09. Life in between delight and discomfort (GMA, Gwangju, South Korea)

2016.03. Shanghai International Print Week (上海新国际博览中心, Shanghai, China)

2015.11. Chongqing bienalle (Sichuan art museum, Chongqing, China)

2015.10. Art NOVA 100 (Nong Zhang Guan, Beijing, China)

2015.09. Paper Monologue (Seoul Tech Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea)

2014.12. Begin to reason (Numtong gallery, Bangkok, Thailand)

2013. 9. Kobe Biennale (Meriken Park, Kobe, Japan)

2013. 8. Art Nova 100. (798 space, Beijing, China)

2013. 5. Korean contemporary, (schultz gallery, Berlin, Germany)

2013.04. All about Korea (White box, Munich, Germany)

2012.11. Media Variegations (AAW, 798, Beijing, China)

2012.11. Mudeung Tales (Henan Museum, Zhengzhou, China)

2012.09. Korean zone (ARTMIA, Beijing, China)

2012.09. Mudeung Tales.(Today Art Museum, Beijing, China)

2011.12. 'Luggage-2nd Bangkok-Asia Young Artist Festival'(Artery, Bangkok, Thailand)

2011. 12. 11th Ha Jung Woong Young Artist Invitation (Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju, South Koera)

2011.05. 1st. Sofia International Paper Art Biennial.

(National art gallery & Alley Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria)


□Residence Program

Shanghai Swatch Art Peace Hotel Residency Program (2018.11.~2019.02.)

Beijing Residency of Gwangju Museum of Art in China (2012.01~ 2012.12)

Dae-in art market program of Art studio for creative activity (2009.03.~2009.11)

Gwangju city Museum of Art studio for creative activity (2005.01~2006.01)


□ award  

2018. Lucca Paper Biennale ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ (Lucca, Italy)

2017. Silver medal of Salon Des Beaux Arts 2017 (Paris, France)

2017. Gwangju Art Awards (Gwangju, South Korea)

2016. Gold prize of Shanghai International print week (Shanghai, China)

2015. Grand prize of Shinsegye Art Awards (Gwangju, South Korea)

2012. Grand Prize of Republic of Korea Paper Art Contest (Seoul, Korea)

2011. 11th Ha Jung Woong’s Young Artist Invitation (Gwangju, South Korea)

2002. 10. Special price in Busan Biennale in see art festival (Busan, South Korea)


☐ Important Collection

Doseonsa temple (South Korea), Swatch Group (Swiss), Lester Marks collection (USA), Yung’s collection (South Korea), Crown Haitai Co.Ltd (South Korea). 建业住宅集团(中国)有限公司;建业艾美酒店 (Jianye Housing Group Co., Ltd.; Jianye Meridien. China), Inobiz center (South Korea). Gwangju museum of art (South Korea), Republic of Korea Parliament House (South Korea). Jongienara Paper Art Museum (South Korea),