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Manwook (b1975) graduated from Ajou University with a Sociology degree and worked as a video editor before making her debut as a picture book writer in 2012. After working on six picture books, she published ‘Baek-nosed Cat’ and ‘Ajumma, Why Do You Go Alone’ through independent publishing. In 2016, She worked as an artist in the 3rd residency period of the Osan Cultural Foundation, and presented his first solo exhibition ‘Traces of Wook’ as a painting work. Manwook's initial work was about non-human species transformed in human-made structures, mainly zoo animals, and as a modified form of flat painting, several panels were connected and installed three-dimensional to induce another transformed relationship between "work and viewer" in the exhibition hall. Selected as an artist for the first residency at the Friend Art Museum in 2020, he focused more on flat painting and focused on the relationship between 'human-non-human' [dog (animal, plant), his (human) world (machine, object) ], and has been conducting numerous solo and group art fairs until now. 


만욱(b1975) 은 아주대 사회학과를 졸업하고 영상편집자로 근무하다 2012년 그림책 작가로 데뷔했다. 6권의 그림책을 작업하고 독립출판을 통해 ‘백코고양이’ 와 ‘아줌마 왜 혼자 다녀요’를 출간했다. 2016년 오산문화재단의 레지던시 3기 작가로 활동 하며 회화작업으로 첫 개인전 ‘욱의 흔적’을 발표하였다. 만욱의 초기 작업은  인간이 만든 구조 속에서 변형되어지는 비인간종에 관한 것으로 동물원 동물이 주 소재였으며, 평면회화의 변형된 형태로서 여러 판넬을 이어 작업한 후 입체적으로 설치하여 전시장 내 ‘작품과 관람자’의 관계를 또다른 변형된 관계가 될 것을 유도했다. 2020년 벗이미술관 레지던시 1기 작가로 선정되어 활동하며 좀 더 평면회화에 집중하였고 ‘인간-비인간’의 관계에 관련된 내용을 담은 [ 개(동물,식물)걔(인간)계(기계,사물) ] 의 세계관을 펼쳐내며 현재까지 다수의 개인전과 그룹전 아트페어 활동을 이어가고 있다.



2021, APR / Meet when the pollen flies and begins to change its hair , Gallery BGN , SEOUL

          MAR / Any abandoned dog that has never been abandoned , Gallery RedL , Daejun

          JUN / Dog, He, Machine, living together , Art Space SEORO, SEOUL

          NOV / Our Meta-space , ADM gallery, SEOUL

2020, OCT / Ma’am! Why are you wandering around alone? , Rasium 102 , Sponsored by Yongin cultural foundation

          MAY / ㅂ수른 may , Baekdugansan, SEOUL

2019, DEC / Show Obsession , Artspace RYU, Yongin

          JUL / Distractism , Hoard gallery, SEOUL

         JAN / A real gorilla in a fake jungle , Gallery TOM, SEOUL

2018, DEC / Polar bear! Smile! , Gallery WE , SEOUL

         JUN / I grow up , Amber Brown , Changwon

         APR / Be poisoned MANWOOK , Artspace OMAE, Seoul

2017, MAY / unmatched PUZZLE , Gallery BACKY, Junju

          AUG / Luminous Fish , Gallery HI , Seoul

2016, AUG / WOOK’s foot prints , The Page, Seoul

2015, OCT / BACKOCAT , Booktique bookstore, Seoul

2014, OCT / MANWOOK BAZAR , Cafe Wiro, Seoul




2020 Versi museum residency 1st artist group

2016 Osan Culgtural Foundation 3rd artist group




2022, MAR / Galleries ARTFAIR , SETEC

          APR / ‘Color Spot’ Superior Gallery, SEOUL


         JUN / Early Summer Narratives’ The Untitled Void, SEOUL

         JUL / Nostalgia , Daelim changgo, SEOUL

         NOV / We are ( different , almost there ) , DongTan ArtSpace

2020, MAR / floating gang , space nine, SEOUL

         AUG / Art in daily’ ADM gallery, SEOUL

         NOV / Breeze Art Fair, Acompany

2019, JUL / ‘Animal vacance’  Sungsan Arthall, CHANGWON

         JUN / ‘The ZOO’  Gallery Artsebin, SEOUL

         FEB / ‘NEWTRO1920’ Itdda Space, INCHEON

         JAN / ‘Imaginary cartoon room’  CHUNGMU ARTS CENTER, SEOUL

2018, APR / ‘2018 Breeze ART FAIR’  Sejong Center, SEOUL

         AUG / ‘Two side stars’  Gallery Daon, SEOUL

2017, JUN / ‘Aloha, Alkane!’  SPACE-U in Seoul UNIV. Hospital ,

          SEP / ‘FAUNA’ Gallery ‘Hoard’, SEOUL

2016, FEB / ‘BRUNCH’  Gallery ‘Mana Base’, SEOUL

         MAR / ‘Acustic Painting’  GwangHwaRang, SEOUL


         SEP / ‘2016 Breeze ART FAIR’ NEMO, SEOUL


         DEC / Osan Art Center exhibition of result report , Osan Museum

         DEC / ‘ARTOUR 33’ , Coffee Tour, SEOUL

2015, MAY / TOKYO DESIGN FESTA vol.41 [live painting]

          JUN / ‘ART BUSAN’ Fair

         [MURAL PAINTING]  Seoul Innovation Park

          JUL / [LIVE PAINTING]  Seoul Euljiro staition gallery

          SEP / ‘2015 Breeze ART FAIR’  Seoul Innovation Park

         NOV / TOKYO DESIGN FESTA vol.42 [live painting]

2013, MAR / Group exhibition ,GwangHwaRang, SEOUL

          OCT / AAF stockholm 2013

2012, MAR / Illust Gaga group exhibition , ART-T gallery, SEOUL

          MAY / Illust group exhibition , Kepco ART CENTER, SEOUL

           JUL / ‘Exhibition of great views with stories’ , Gallery Greenland in blue, SEOUL

          DEC / Illustration instructor , ARCON

2011, JUL / Group Exhibition ‘Don Quixote' , Gallery KkocSap, SEOUL

          JUL / Korea Experimental Arts Festival , SEOUL

2010 , OCT / Converse Festival



  • INDEPENDENT / PICTURE BOOK ‘BACKO CAT’, ESSAEY ‘Ma’am! Why are you wandering around alone?’





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